There is no doubt that Thailand is one of the world’s leading destinations for couples who are planning to marry, renew their wedding vows or even celebrate their honeymoon.

To get a good match between the search results and your needs, refine your search criteria as much as possible.

Couple at sunset in front of a lake and skyline

With its unique blend of natural, geographical and cultural elements, combined with the modern infrastructure and limitless choice of accommodation, venues and professionally customised packages, Thailand is the obvious choice for your wedding.

Bride in a wedding dress in a temple's door frame

From wedding venues to the marriage ceremony itself, and for any preference and taste, there is a choice to matchmore...

Couple at a wedding ceremony in a church in front of a priest

Whether it’s a Thai marriage, western religious ceremony, Buddhist blessing, Muslim nikah or even a romantic civil marriagemore...

Wine glasses and catering on a decorated wedding dinner table in front of people

One of the biggest elements of any wedding is the catering – it’s the part ALL your guests get to enjoy fullymore...

Back of a VW beetle decorated for a wedding

When it comes to budget, having your wedding in Thailand will damage your bank balance less than in many other countriesmore...

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