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Regular rooms Suites Villas
Standard rooms 20 1 bedroom 10 1 bedroom 10
Premium rooms 10 2 bedroom 10 2 bedroom 5
Other room types 30 3 bedroom + 25 3 bedroom + 25
Total all rooms 145

Theme 1. Nocturnal fish behavior and ecology

Studies under this theme may entail quantifying nighttime activity/movement patterns, predator-prey interactions, foraging/predator avoidance strategies, sensory capabilities, vocalization, and ecophysiological preferences/constraints.

Theme 2. Night fishing, fisheries, and enforcement

Studies under this theme may focus on fishing, fisheries, and enforcement during darkness. Relevant research may include use of lights at night to harvest, sample or enhance catches. Other areas include work that addresses the challenges in fishery monitoring and law enforcement under conditions of low light.

Theme 3. Deep and polar sea (“perpetual night”) fish and fisheries

Studies under this theme might include ecological or fishery science investigations of fishes living in the prevailing darkness of deep and/or polar seas. This may include empirical work on their unique biological adaptations related to sensory physiology and communication (i.e., bioluminescence).

Theme 4. Diel fish distribution and abundance comparisons

Studies under this theme may be comparisons of fish distribution (vertical/horizontal) and abundance by day versus night or throughout the 24-hr cycle. Research that identifies the processes behind distribution and abundance patterns are preferred. Also relevant are studies that consider how diel patterns influence stock assessment.

Hotel facilities include
  • ssss
  • sssss
In house IT/AV equipment includes
  • aaa
  • aaaa
  • IT person available throughout the event/meeting
  • Exhibition space available within the hotel
  • Meeting supplies (markers, paper, whiteboard, etc)

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