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About meetinthailand.com

Our objective is to interconnect. Through research, news and detailed, well-planned business profiles, meetinthailand.com provides a comprehensive picture of exactly what is on offer in Thailand to the business events and wedding buyer, and how well the suppliers can meet your needs.

Getting to First Base

meetinthailand.com aims to allow buyers to narrow the field of choice, on the basis of hard information and objective analysis. Inspection trips can then be focused on assessing the finer detail of known quantities, rather than taking that leap into the unknown. You get to first base before you set foot on the plane.

Search engine by area

We have organised information in the way we believe you want it. If you are familiar with Thailand and know which part of the country you are interested inmore...

What makes us different?

Hotels or service providers have been asked a long list of standard questions about their facilities, service or operations by our researchersmore...

Business profiles

Based on detailed information provided by businesses, and checked by our researchers, these profiles tell you everything you need to know about MICE suppliersmore...


For most business events, the cost of hotel accommodation exceeds every other per person cost – even including air fares – so choosing the right propertymore...

Wish List

How often do you avoid completing online forms because you are not sure you can finish in one session? Even more irritatingmore...

MICE tools

In addition to the wish list and the business profiles, meetinthailand.com provides a detailed Request For Proposal (RFP) toolmore...

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If you are involved in the MICE industry as a buyer, as a supplier or you have an interest in the industry, you will find it worthwhilemore...

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