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Thailand's rich heritage stems primarily from its geographical position bordering Myanmar and Laos and to some extent Malaysia along with various minorities including Vietnamese, Khmer, Hmong, and Mein and ethnic Thai people. Religion has also been an important influence with many of the traditions and beliefs of the people coming from Buddhism and to a lesser degree, Hinduism as proximity has led to close links between Thailand and India in the fields of art, literature and in many Thai customs.

Grand Palace in Bangkok at night
Royal palaces of Thailand

A view into the palaces reveals the majesty and splendor of the Thai monarchy some of which are open to the public.more...

Front of a Buddhist temple in Thailand
Temples or 'wats'

The fact that there are more than 30,000 Buddhist temples attests to the fact that these places of religious worship are socialmore...

Wooden carving of animals in the jungle

The display of art in Thailand is predominately seen in the sculpture of Buddhist images, which date from the 11th centurymore...

Three Thai lady dancers in traditional dresses
Performing arts

Thai dance is the main dramatic art form of Thailand and can be distinguished between classical dance and folk dancemore...

Lady sitting with traditional instrument playing some Thai music

Music and the instruments used to produce it are much of the product of both Thailand's geographic position at the intersectionmore...

Two boxers getting ready for a fight of Thai boxing Muay Thai
Thai boxing

Although Thai boxing or Muay Thai is a sport, it is considered a national form of martial art. Muay Thai stadiums can be foundmore...

Boats and people at a floating market
Riverside lifestyles and markets

Thailand has a tradition of a way of life along the river and canals although modern times has increased a more land-basedmore...

People walking through a Thai market

There are delights to be held in the markets and shops all over Thailand for the shopaholic and the visitor wishing to return homemore...

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