Thailand event round-up:
September 2018

Boat enthusiasts rejoice! With several boating events celebrating Thailand’s rich boating tradition, September is your month! more

Thailand event round-up:September 2018

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Art & culture

Thailand's rich heritage stems primarily from its geographical position bordering Myanmar and Laos and to some extent Malaysia along with various minorities including Vietnamese, Khmer, Hmong, and Mein and ethnic Thai people. Religion has also been an important influence with many of the traditions and beliefs of the people coming from Buddhism and to a lesser degree, Hinduism as proximity has led to close links between Thailand and India in the fields of art, literature and in many Thai customs.

There are almost countless events in Thailand be it MICE, business, sport or other related.

Many of these events are held at different dates every year and the locations might occasionally change as well. Simply check with the relevant contacts shown here or search the web '[event name] Thailand [year]' for up to date information.

Thailand Pavillion at the IT&CMA

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