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 "We inhabit a universe that is characterised by diversity."

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Thailand has countless festivals – cultural and religious – which can form a backdrop for at least part of a business event.

Many of these festivals follow a lunar calendar, so the timings shown here may occasionally be inaccurate. You may check with the relevant contacts shown here or simply search the web '[event name] Thailand [year]' for up to date information.

Thai lady dance performer in a traditional dress

Phang Nga Turtle Release Fair

March, Thai Muang, Phang Nga

This annual seven day event takes place at the beginning March at Thai Muang Beach in Phang Nga province. During the festival young turtle hatchlings raised at the Phang Nga Coastal Fisheries Research and Development Centre are released into the sea. This event is to help prevent of turtles and to promote conservation.more...

Cha-am International Kite Festival

March, Cha-am Beach, Phetchaburi

This colourful two-day event sees more than 100 fancy kites of various forms and structures taking flight. The festival is a showcase for kite culture including decorative kite shows, stunt and revolution shows.more...

Laanta Lanta Festival

March, Lanta Old Town, Koh Lanta

The Laanta Lanta Festival is an event that showcases the cultures of Koh Lanta - Chinese, Muslim and Sea Gypsy. Traditional food, entertainment and displays of the Laanta Lanta culture will be on display on a walking street.more...

Pattaya International Music Festival

March, Pattaya, Chonburi

One of the best recognized music events in Asia, this three-day free concert features Thai and international artists of every music genre. Performances are from 6pm and run until midnight. Music-related accessories and food are available within the concert venue.more...

Thao Suranari Memorial Fair

March - April, Nakhon Ratchasima

One of the biggest events in Nakhon Ratchasima, the Thao Suranari Memorial Fair commemorates a heroine, Thao Suranareee or Ya Mo, who led Thai armies to victory in 1826 when Thailand was attacked. The fair features a ceremonial lighting of a flame, sports competitions, singing competitions, beauty contestsmore...

Transmission Festival Asia

March, Bangkok

The words 'New Music Entertainment' take on a new meaning at the Transmission Festival Asia. See Asia's biggest laser event and outstanding visual spectacle and be prepared for an event like you have never seen before!more...

Phuket Bike Week

April, Patong, Phuket City, Phuket

Big bike enthusiasts and others come to Phuket each year to participate in one of the most popular motorcycle events in Asia. The event features a beach party and music festival, grand dinner, exhibition of custom bikes, custom tattoo contest new products, accessories and clothing, a ride for peace and a contest to find Miss Phuket Bike Week.more...

Songkran Festival

April, Thailand

Loud, boisterous and fun, Songkran marks the beginning of the Buddhist New Year and the dry season. Traditional water pouring and cleaning of Buddha images and other religious items was thought to wash away sins. Nowadays people are seen water throwing in the streets especially on the first day of the festival. more...

Phuket Pride

April – May, Patong, Phuket

Phuket Pride celebrates the strong sense of community among lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people (LGBT) and is the largest event of its kind in Thailand. First held in 1999, the week features various activities including athletic competitions, art shows, charity auctions, street partiesmore...

Ko Phangan Colormoon Festival

April, Koh Phangan

The five-day Ko Phangan Colormoon Festival showcases unique local Thai experiences on the island and celebrates coconuts. There will be a Coco Colourmoon Music Festival with well-known Luk Thung singers, a coconut inspired fashion show, an international fishing competition, sports eventsmore...

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