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Thailand has countless festivals – cultural and religious – which can form a backdrop for at least part of a business event.

Many of these festivals follow a lunar calendar, so the timings shown here may occasionally be inaccurate. You may check with the relevant contacts shown here or simply search the web '[event name] Thailand [year]' for up to date information.

Thai lady dance performer in a traditional dress

Surin Elephant Round-Up

November, Surin Elephant Performance Ground and Si Narong Stadium, Surin

This two-day event includes shows the physical prowess and skills of elephants through various performances at the 'world's largest domestic elephant village'. Surin is known as having a strong bond between elephants and people. Local products will be available and there will be cultural shows.more...

Krabi Berg Fah Andaman Festival

November, Krabi Town, Krabi

Three days of parades, cultural and musical performances, sea kayak competitions, boat races, local products for sale and other activities to kick in the high season are featured in this festival. The translation from Thai is 'Opening the Andaman Sea'.more...

World Film Festival of Bangkok

November, Bangna, Bangkok

Over 80 international films are screened at this festival, which seeks to promote independent films, works of upcoming film makers and from cinema masters and show continuity from one generation to the next as an important part of the industry. Works from European Union Film Festival, Latin America, Asia and Southeast Asiamore...

Yi Peng Lantern Festival

November, Chiang Mai

The local celebration of Yi Peng is a religious ceremony, which pays homage to Buddha. This 'festival of lights' sees thousands of lighted lanterns being released into and floating in the night sky. The festival also sees traditional Thai dances, a parade, beauty pageants, fireworks and decorations in Chiang Mai's old city.more...

Loy Krathong

November, Thailand

Loy Krathong is a beautiful festival that takes place on the evening of the full moon of the 2th month in the traditional Thai lunar calendar, usually in November. The concept is to worship the Goddess of Water and 'float' (loy) your troubles and bad luck away with a 'krathong' or a section of a decorated banana tree trunk that contain flowers, incense sticks and a candle.more...

River Kwai Bridge Festival

November - December, River Kwai Bridge, Kanchanaburi

This festival pays homage to the thousands of lives lost during the construction of the bridge and other infrastructure during World War II. There are light and sound presentations, cultural performances, historical displays and exhibitions.more...

Silk and Phuk Seow Festival

November - December, Khon Kaen, Khon Kaen

As one of the top silk producers in Thailand, Khon Kaen holds a 10-day fair to promote the harvesting of silk and its weaving. Visitors will be able to learn about this process as well as buy silk goods. There will also be street parades and activities.more...

Buriram Traditional Long Boat Racing for The Royal Cup Championship

November, Mun River in front of Satuek District Office, Buriram

Buriram's Long Boat Racing festival marks the end of the three-month Buddhist Lent. The three-categories are based on the size of the boats - big for less than 55 oarsmen and medium for less than 40 oarsmen. The festival also features the Royal Charity Cupmore...

Lopburi & Saraburi Blooming Sunflower Festival

November-January, Lopburi & Saraburi provinces

The fields of Lopburi and Saraburi along the Phatthana Nikhom-Wang Muang Road dance with sunflowers in the winter months. Sunflowers are economically viable crop being a source of edible items from seeds to honey, bee pollen, royal jelly and more. The festival is popular for tourists coming to see the plants in bloom, purchase items and see the local way of life.more...

International Bangkok Bike

November, IMPACT, Bangkok

International Bangkok Bike is the biggest bicycle expo in Thailand offers exhibitors to showcase bicycles, apparel and accessories along with technology and components.more...

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