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Thailand has countless festivals – cultural and religious – which can form a backdrop for at least part of a business event.

Many of these festivals follow a lunar calendar, so the timings shown here may occasionally be inaccurate. You may check with the relevant contacts shown here or simply search the web '[event name] Thailand [year]' for up to date information.

Thai lady dance performer in a traditional dress

Pang Sida Butterfly Watching Festival

June - August, Pang Sida National Park, Nakhon Nayok

More than 300 species of butterflies, a butterfly exhibition and butterfly watching demonstration by officers from this national park can be seen during the three months of this festival. There's also camping, a visit to Pang Sida waterfall and hiking on the 25km scenic jungle trail.more...

Si Sa Ket Kaset Rambutan-Durian Fair

June, Si Sa Ket Kaset and Technology College

The fruits of Si Sa Ket Kaset province - rambutan, durian, lanson, mangosteen and stink beans - are on display in this event which happens every June. Spectators can also enjoy flower floats, documentary exhibitions and a fruit tasting caravan.more...

Phi Ta Khon Festival

June, Dan Sai District, Loei Province

The Phi Ta Khon Festival or 'Bun Luang' is part of a Buddhist merit-making event that reflects the local Isan belief in ghosts and spirits. Sometimes known as the Ghost Festival, the Phi Ta Khon Festival sees people wearing masks during processions and in addition to listening to sermons from Buddhist monks.more...

Phuket Baba Wedding

June, Old Town Phuket, Phuket

This beautiful wedding ceremony in the 'Baba Peranakan' (Straits Chinese) tradition is a celebration of Peranakan culture. Couples dress in the style and manner of 19th century Chinese traders and well-to-do local Thai maidens. Chosen venues are mansions, which exemplify Sino-Portuguese style.more...

Andaman Trail

June, Phuket

The Andaman Trail race comprises 10km of a route that's off the beaten path. Runners will be able to see local communities and beautiful beach and jungle scenery along the challenging route.more...

Kek River Rafting Festival

June, Phitsanulok

One of the top five white water rafting routes in Thailand, the Kek River offers challenges in the way of steep turns and rapids. The festival sees a distance of eight km, which takes approximately two to three hours to navigate. Waters are higher during the rainy season.more...

Dok Krachiao Blooming Festival

June-September, Pha Hin Ngam and Sai Thong National Parks, Chiyaphum

The Siam Tulips - Dok Krachiao - bloom from June to September and the festival to celebrate this takes place at this time. The Pha Hin Ngam and Sai Thong National Parks become a pink carpet, making the sight one that is well-worth seeing.more...

Kaeng Hin Phoeng Whitewater Rafting Festival

June-October, Kaeng Hin Phoeng, Prachinburi

A popular spot due to its close proximity to Bangkok, Banpakong River is a multi-level river that features six rapids. Rapids are rate on whitewater navigating skills and experience. The best time of year to go whitewater rafting at this river in the south of Khao Yai National Park is from June to October.more...

Sea Marathon to Koh Phithak

June, HTMS Chakri Naruebet Model, Pak Nam Lang Suan, Chumphon

The annual sea marathon is carried by people in Luang Suan to promote good health and community unity during the ebb tide. The day consists of a 14km mini marathon, 3.5km Fun Run, bicycle race, prize presentation ceremony, homestay and squid fishing.more...

Khanom Festival

July, Nadan Beach, Khanom, Nakhon Si Thammarat

Khanom Festival is a one-day beach music festival that features a lineup of popular artists along with fun activities and a variety of food.more...

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