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"A railroad station? That was sort of a primitive airport, only you didn't have to take a cab 20 miles out of town to reach it."

Russell Baker

Unfortunately, air travel is currently the only practical option for business travel to Thailand.

Tower of Suvarnabhumi Airport at night
Suvarnabhumi Airport terminal at night
Getting to Thailand – Bangkok

Thailand's major international airport is Suvarnabhumi (Soo-wan-a-poom) International airportmore...

Thai Airways Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet being loaded
Getting to Thailand - outside Bangkok

For events held outside Bangkok, you may have the option of flying direct to one of Thailand’s other international airports butmore...

Immigration counters at Don Muang Airport in BangkokImmigration counters at Don Muang Airport in Bangkok
Fast track immigration services

Who wants to queue? Well, you can take away the pain - and the waste of valuable time - by utilising one of the many fast-trackmore...

Traffic at a busy intersection in metropolitan Bangkok
Suvarnabhumi to Bangkok

Suvarnabhumi airport is about one hour by road (depending on traffic) from central Bangkok. If event delegates are arriving as a groupmore...

Passengers with suitcases getting out of a limousine
Suvarnabhumi to Pattaya

There is really only one option for independent travellers – taxi. It will take anywhere between 1-2 hours and cost up to US$46.more...

White mini vans parked in a row
Suvarnabhumi to nearby cities/provinces

Unless your destination has an airport with reasonably regular flights, your only option will be taxi (for independent travellers)more...

Airport security counter at Don Muang International Airport in Bangkok
Suvarnabhumi to outlying provinces

The only sensible option is by air. To avoid the long transfer time between airports, we recommend that you fly into Bangkokmore...

A train traveling on an overpass railway in the countryside of Thailand
Travelling in Thailand - trains

While Thailand boasts 4,000 km of track, the reality is that the service is slow and unreliable. In addition, recent years have seenmore...

Privately chartered VIP bus traveling on a road
Travelling in Thailand – VIP buses

Scheduled bus services are not recommended for groups or delegates travelling independently. Privately chartered VIP busesmore...

Ferry with cars departing from Koh Samui
Travelling in Thailand – ferries

Transport by ferry is an option if holding an event on Koh Samui. This can avoid the very expensive domesticmore...

Transport within your destination

The standard, cost and quality of local public transport varies enormously throughout Thailand. For advance / familiarisation visits your agent will probably take you around. If you want independence you are probably best advised – outside Bangkok – to rent a car (self-drive or with driver, depending how adventurous you feel). In Bangkok, metered taxis are efficient, plentiful and reasonably pricedmore...

MRT subway the Metropolitan Rapid Transport system serving Bangkok metropolitan region

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