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About Central Thailand

Containing provinces that are both landlocked and coastal, Central Thailand is a region of varying natural land features. This 'rice bowl of Asia' and beach destination is a treasure of mountains, valleys, rivers and plains in which an intriguing mix of history and culture have flourished.

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Pond in from of an ancient Buddha statue and temple at Ayutthaya Historical Park
An abundance of choice for tourists

This area holds a wealth of sights and things to do that cater to all types of traveller, particularly for the adventurous outdoor enthusiastmore...

Convention dinner set up on a huge open space
Exhibitions & conventions

Many hotels are equipped with international standard meeting and conference facilities and can host small to medium-sized eventsmore...

Train and traffic in front of Buddhist pagodas
Ongoing infrastructure development

Although highways and roads in and between provinces are reasonable, there are nevertheless plans to expandmore...

Bamboo floats docked at a lake in the countryside
Varied opportunities and cosy venues

Central Thailand offers many and varied opportunities for business events where the location can make a naturalmore...

Golf player with cap teeing off
Golf and your event

While Thailand boasts fine golf courses throughout the kingdom, probably the most consistent feature of the Central Regionmore...


  • Location: Approximately 87 km to Ayutthaya; 150 km to Kanchanaburi; 197 km to Khao Yai; 100 km to Nakhon Pathommore...

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