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About Northern Thailand

Covering an area of roughly 93,691 sq km, Northern Thailand is a mountainous area covered with thick forests, river valleys and upland areas. Doi Inthanon, at 2,565 metres, is Thailand's highest mountain. There are 17 provinces and the most northerly ones share a border with either Myanmar or Laos. Two of the rivers unite in the southern part of the area to form the Chao Phraya River. The northernmost and westernmost point is at the Myanmar border in Chiang Rai and again at the Myanmar border at Mae Hong Son.

Group of houses in the hills in northern Thailand
A budding tourist destination

Although Chiang Mai is a popular tourist destination for visitors to the North, the rest of the area remains relatively quietmore...

Front of Chang Mai International Airport at night
Two main airports

There are two main airports in the north of Thailand, Chiang Mai International Airport and Mae Fah Luang Chiang Raimore...

Convention hall  with delegates and a speaker at a conference
Exhibitions & conventions

Although the Northern region lacks a centre dedicated to conventions and exhibitions (exclusive of Chiang Mai)more...

Dual carriageway in Thailand
Ongoing infrastructure development

The State Railway of Thailand provides a link from Chiang Mai to Bangkok with many available stops along the waymore...

Sunshade tables and chairs on a terrace
Professionalism amidst an ambient, cultural and historical setting

Certain parts of Northern Thailand have been seeing a rapid growthmore...


  • Location: Approximate distances from Bangkok to Lampang, 600.5 km; to Petchabun in the lower northern partmore...

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