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About The Northeast

The Northeast of Thailand, or 'Isan' as it's commonly known, is Thailand's largest region at 160,000 square km in area. To the northeast, it borders the Mekong River (with Laos on the other side) and Cambodia to the southeast. The population as of 2010 was 21,305,000, the most densely populated region in the country.

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Small boat in the water in the canyon Sam Pan Bok
Increasingly popular tourist destination

The Northeast is known for having a traditional way of life and a rich culture. Agriculture has been the mainstay of the economymore...

Starting Thai Airways jet over Khon Kaen Airport building
International and domestic airports

Khon Kaen Airport handles domestic flights and as the economic centre of the region, will upgrade to handle international flightsmore...

Khon Kaen University Convention Center seen from the air
Exhibitions & conventions

Khon Kaen, the Northeast MICE hub, has several convention centres and one exhibition centre available for business eventsmore...

Delegates on a stage at the 15th Annual General Meeting of Greater Mekong Subregion
Recent major events

The MICE sector in Khon Kaen generated 600 million baht from 692,292 local and international visitors in 2013more...

Train on a Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge
Ongoing infrastructure development

Although the network of road systems in the northeast is generally quite good, highways and local roadsmore...

Group of traditionally dressed Thai women
Progressive business style

As the centre for trade and logistics in the Northeast, Khon Kaen has fast become the international hub for business travellersmore...


  • Location: Approximately 452.8 km to Khon Kaen; 567.5 km to Udon Thani northeast of Bangkok
  • Weather: Two seasons in a year: the green/rainy season (May to November) and the dry season (November to February). The hottest months are March and April (23C to 40C) and the wettest are August and September. Best weather is Octobermore...

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