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Located on the eastern seaboard on the Gulf of Thailand, the 'festive seaside' resort of Pattaya has traditionally been a popular destination for visitors seeking beachside relaxation and the lively nightlife, particularly due to its close proximity to Bangkok. In more recent years, however, Pattaya has become a prime destination for business events.

Pattaya's economic roots lie in fishing and the area earned the designation as being a recreational centre during the Vietnam War. Current estimates are that around 9 million tourists will visit Pattaya in 2016.

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Pattaya shopping

Shop in cool comfort in western-style malls (of which many have interest attractions!) or in the more heated environment of outdoor street markets. Things to shop for range from inexpensive souvenirsmore...

Pattaya shopping
Pattaya's Ocean Marina Yacht Club seen from the air
Lively business and tourist destination

Tourism - both business and leisure – is responsible for developing and fuelling the economymore...

Turbo prop airplane and sign of U-Tapao International Airport
Thailand's 'new' commercial airport

U-Tapao International Airport is a civil and military airbase that serves both Pattaya and Ranongmore...

Front of Pattaya Exhibition And Convention Hall PEACH at night
Exhibitions & conventions

Pattaya offers an array of award-winning venues and facilities for meetings, incentives and exhibitionsmore...

Bouquet on a decorated wedding dinner table
Weddings in Pattaya

A vibrant beach resort destination constantly brimming with activity, the coastal city of Pattaya ismore...

Conference room with delegates and a speaker in a classroom setting
Recent major events

Business events held in Pattaya include:

  • Joymain International Development Group Inc. Annual Convention 2014more...

Pattaya's coastline seen in bird’s eye view
Ongoing infrastructure development

Pattaya is currently undergoing several infrastructure mega-projects particularly in the areas of a high speed railway system and other transportation systemsmore...

Crowded Pattaya Walking Street at night with blazing signs
Professional business style combined with a friendly and relaxing environment

With its world-class business centres and its many leisure activities, Pattaya offers a perfect environment to hold MICE eventsmore...

Pattaya facts

  • Location: Approximately 147 km southeast of Bangkok
  • Weather: Two seasons in a yearmore...

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