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IAMFLOWER has established itself as the most creative flower company in Thailand, delivering stylish and unique flower arrangements for all occasions.

With encompasses over 1,000 sqm of offices, showroom, production and warehouse space along with creative and versatile staff. IAMFLOWER is constantly refreshing and updating styles and designs with the latest trends world wide and working with five star hotels and the top wedding planners around the world.

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IAMFLOWER sets itself apart by providing its customers with a personalised service. During the first initial consultation IAMFLOWER will ask the customers about colour schemes, themes, favourite flowers, venue and also what inspires customers with many images from the vast library of events and weddings. IAMFLOWER will then prepare a full proposal with sketches and images, based on the customer brief.

IAMFLOWER are producing very unique designs with international flair mixed with Thai elements.

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