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Kaanda Beach Life is a well-known designer and distributor of swimwear to department stores and resorts mainly located in Thailand. The company was started in 2010 to bring high quality, fashionable beachwear to the women of Thailand, ex-pats and tourists. Revenue has grown significantly since inception but still has room for growth in Thailand and neighbouring countries in the region. KBL aims to be the ultimate swim and beachwear retailer in the Southeast Asia region and to enter other global markets with seasoned partners that bring exceptional value and expertise.

“Kaanda Beach Life” is the company’s own brand and was launched in October 2013. The brand is currently being sold online and in all Kaanda retail stores and through the company’s distribution arrangements with the leading department stores and resorts in Thailand.

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Kaanda Beach Life was previously called “Katalina Beach Life.” However, as part of the company’s repositioning and re-capitalization and in order to avoid confusion with a similarly named brand, Kaanda Beach Life will be utilized going forward globally. The Hong Kong entity into which Series A investors will invest is called Katalina Beach Life (HK) Limited.

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