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International English Co., Ltd.

Making Teams was established to provide a dedicated and professional service to international clients seeking high quality team building and corporate training in Thailand.

We pride ourselves on having enhanced the performance of our clients teamwork and group dynamics by improving individuals group interactions and have received recognition for our achievements through a loyal and returning client base.

The international facilitators cater for a variety of backgrounds, bringing a range of talents and skills to the team building process, unified by the common aim of visible client benefit.

Making Teams provide flexible, relevant and effective team building programs for all levels of the work force. The team building holiday will take the team from the conference room to the beach, to the mountain top, in a memorable and lasting experience that will revolutionize team performance.

The diverse and compelling games and activities address specific areas of team building performance: Communication, Leadership, Creative Thinking, Trust, Co-operation, Negotiation, Win Win, Organization - the list is comprehensive. 

Making Teams' vision is to show all people, in companies of all sizes, that examining and sometimes changing the way that individuals within the business operate and interact will lead to more efficient practices, better relationships and improved corporate results.

Consequently, by examining the current team dynamics and applying powerful concepts of teamwork, Making Teams intends to improve the overall functioning of the team.

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  • Amazing Chase
  • Cultural Discovery
  • Survivor
  • iQuest
  • Treasure Islands
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Outdoor With Fun
  • Build a Bike
  • CSR Community
  • Water Regatta
  • Beach Olympics
  • Top Chef
  • Cocktail Shakers
  • Five Dysfunctions Seminar
  • DiSC Seminar
  • Six Thinking Hats Seminar
  • Food Stall Challenge
  • Market Barter
  • CSR House of Fashion
  • CSR Music Makers
  • Jungle Adventure
  • The Apprentice
  • Sailing Destinations
  • Inflatable Affair
  • By All Means
  • Breakout

Client's company name Year No. of Pax Client from (country)
Cargill 2017 60 Singapore
Helmsbriscoe 2017 60 India
Roche 2017 50 Singapore
Milbank 2016 60 Hong Kong
Roland Berger 2016 46 Germany
Biomerieux 2015 60 France

"We really appreciate the event. We had a lot of fun and at the end we could give back the bikes to the charity."
Roche (Singapore)  2017
It was a well-organized and fun event. The App and games in the tablet were brilliant and the Making Teams’ employees were very accommodating and pleasant. A lot of efforts were made to fit our requirements until last minute. Thank you Making Teams! Overall our participants had fun and also experienced local culture. We definitely will consider Making Teams for our next customer event!”
Cargill (Singapore)  2017
"Thanks to the Making Teams staff for putting together a wonderful afternoon of ‘Survivor’. Everyone at the firm had an awesome time. The challenges were well done and it was a great team building experience. Thanks so much for making our outing a success."
Milbank (Hong Kong)  2016

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