Established in 1975, the Phuket Orchid Farm holds the largest display of orchids in Phuket with more than 1,500 different hybrids and species on exhibit. Varieties include Cattelya Alma Kee, New Dendrobium Hybrid, Dendrobium Secundum, Phalaenopsis hybrids amd Rhynchorides Bangkok Sunset. Wander around and view the comprehensive selection of beautiful and colourful orchid blossoms.

The Orchid Farm also has cut flowers that are packed and ready for international air travel. There are flask gardens that contain species and hybrids (small and large flasks) that are available for purchase. Guests can take a garden tour to learn more about orchids and they will also receive a complimetary orchid bouquet. Books on caring for orchids are also available. There is orchid jewellery that is handcrafted with real orchids and finished with 24 karat gold plating along with Thai bird cages for sale. You can also enjoy home made passion fruit and mango ice cream while at the Farm!

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  • Phuket's largest exhibition of orchids with more than 1,500 different hybrids & species
  • Enjoy viewing the comprehensive selection of beautiful orchid blossoms
  • Laughing chicken & bird farm
  • Sellcut flowers: cut flowers are packed & ready for international air travel
  • Sell many varieties of sterile orchid seedlings, bottled & licenced
  • Sell orchid jewellery: unique pieces are handcrafted from real orchid flowers & finished with 24k gold plating

  • Open every day from 9am - 5:30pm
  • Orchid garden tours are available for just THB 400 for adults & THB 200 for children 3-12 years and includes a complimentary orchid bouquet
  • Drinks, beverages & light refreshments available & very enjoyable homemeade passion fruit & mango ice cream
  • At Phuket Orchid Garden, all information is available in German, English & Thai

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