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Sukko Spa Co., Ltd. and Sukko Spa Executive Co., Ltd.

The uniqueness of the world's first Thai cultural spa
Renowned as the world's first Thai cultural spa, Sukko Cultural Spa provides Thai wellness therapies that support and promote health by means of natural methods using the traditional Thai medication theory. According to this theory, the human body is composed of four elements: earth, water, wind and fire. To prevent illness there must be a balance between these four elements.

In Phuket, a tropical paradise rich with cultural heritage and holistic remedies, people live a simple yet sophisticated life. People care for physical well-being through the rituals of massage, botanical compresses and steam, and bathing. To nourish the soul, Life is lived with respect, joy and hospitality. Taught from childhood to service to others, Life is lived amongst nature with love and respect.

The richness of the culture is woven together with the practice of ancient healing therapies inspired Phuket Thais. In 2003, from the efforts of family and friends, Sukko Cultural Spa, the world’s first Thai cultural day spa with the intention to present the beauty of Thai culture and living, emerged. Sukko is The Absolute Happiness of life. Sukko Spa Resort is then established to enable a more comprehensive Sukko experience.

With a dentist and Thai traditional doctor and herbalist amongst its founders, Sukko's treatments and the ethic of its services are an integration of traditional wisdom and modern knowledge.

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Client's company name Year No. of Pax Client from (country)
Affin Hwang Capital (Asian Islamic Investment Management) 2016 50 Malaysia
BLACKMORES 2016 100 Thailand
DIGI Malaysia, Telenor Group 2016 30 Malaysia
Fam Trip from Look Voyages French Group 2016 50 France
Phuket Andaman Culinary Club 2016 50 Thailand
Unilever Brazil Group 2016 100 Brazil

While guests relax, Sukko never rests. The staff focus on constant improvement to provide the highest standards of services. The spa's dedication is endorsed by leading industry awards:

  • Excellent Day Spa: Health Tourism from The 9th Thailand Tourism Award (Kinnaree Awards) 2013 World Quality Standard 2012: Thailand Trust Mark 2012 – 2015 by Ministry of Commerce
  • Platinum Thai Spa World Class Standard 2010 – 2013
  • Excellent Day Spa: Health Tourism from The 8th Thailand Tourism Award (Kinnaree Awards) 2010
  • Outstanding Performance Day Spa: Health Tourism from The 7th Thailand Tourism Award (Kinnaree Awards) 2008
  • The Excellent Spa of Thailand from HAPA 2008 – 2010
  • The Best Spa in Southeast Asia from HAPA 2008 – 2010
  • 150 World-class Spas by Spa Asia Magazine 2006

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