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Thai Luxury Charters: Cruising the Pearl of the Andaman
To experience the exotic waters of the Kingdom of Thailand is to find a new peace and tranquility reserved for the very few. Thai Luxury Charters pampers clients in a roomy luxury yacht immersed in the beauty and serenity of what is becoming the "Caribbean of the East".

Explore the coastline of Thailand with hundreds of islands rising from the aqua green water. Go kayaking underneath magnificent limestone cliffs. Discover countless pristine beaches and snorkel the crystal clear waters and coral reefs. For clients who fish, Thai Luxury Charters can provide the gear and the local knowledge. All these combined with a tropical climate to create some of the world's most stunning cruising waters.

The objective of Thai Luxury Charters is to provide clients with a personal service second to none, allowing choices and destinations that best suit the time they have available. This can be from a half-day cruise relaxing in Phang Nga Bay or two weeks exploring the west coast of Thailand. The team will match itinerary with weather, tides and conditions giving everyone an unforgettable holiday experience.

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Lady Kathryn: Angel of the Andaman
The Lady Kathryn was built by Sunbird Yachts (China) in late 2008. She was originally designed for the European Market. Moreton Bay Co., Ltd purchased the Lady Kathryn in late 2011 with only demonstration hours usage and then did extensive refurbishment to satisfy the Thai Luxury Charter market and better suit the hot tropical conditions. She is now almost a brand new boat with all modern electrics, video, sound systems, Internet, toys and a sumptuous interior throughout as would be expected of any modern luxury yacht. At 80 feet or 23.88 metres in length, with four bedrooms and extensive sun protected decks, she is very spacious for short or extensive journeys and the perfect hotel alternative for that special corporate function or occasion.

Alison - 595
The Alison alloy 595 is an Australian made aluminium Centre Console with a self draining deck for extra safety. Built tough to handle a maximum of eight passengers and two crew she can quickly get clients to that favourite fishing or snorkelling destination or provide a pick up at the beachfront of their resort. With a top speed of approximately 35 knots and the ability to operate in only inches of water, Alison - 595 is the perfect partner to accompany the Lady Kathryn and is included as part of the package in most charters. Thai Luxury Charters can also separately charter the 595 for local or fast excursions.

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