Planning the perfect business event

Seasoned MICE buyers / organisers know that a successful event comes from attention to the details. This means spending time and resources from early in the planning stages right up to conclusion of the event.

Our objective at is twofold:

  1. To do away with the much of the early 'guesswork' involved in selecting hotels, venues, agents and suppliers.
  2. To provide tools to streamline the buying process without cutting corners.

Our searchable business profiles contain more detailed, up-to-date and comprehensive information than any other onlinemore...

Click here for details of our buyers' toolkit.

Check out the links on the left of this page. If you're a supplier to the MICE industry, focus on the MICE Search engine and see what others in your field are doing. Then create a 'Supplier' account, create your own business profile and put your business up there for buyers to see. It's FREE!

If you're a MICE buyer, focus on the MICE Toolkit and take a look at the various elements. If you like what you see and want to explore further, create a account and start setting up your personalised toolkit.

Whichever tools you use at, you can always save your work and come back later to finish off. Who has time these days to get it all done in one go?!

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