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At any stage during your search, with a quick click, you can add a hotel, venue or other supplier to your wish list to take a more detailed look later. You will need to create a meetinthailand.com account to save items so that you can return to your wish list on future browser sessions.

This section in Meet in Thailand enables you to narrow down your search. After searching and going through the hotels and venues, you have the option to add the ones you consider the most suitable for your purpose to the so called “wish list”. You have this option for restaurants and professional event organizers - in case you need any.

As soon as something attracts your attention you add that to that to the wish list. Afterwards in the plan your event section, you have the option to go through all the things you have added, you can remove or add more as you wish. Eventually you can filter your search down to the ones you would want to contact for further information.

This saves you time and is a very efficient way for you to make your final decision.

Think about it as sort of online shopping, instead of objects you deal with venues and such.

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